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Thousands of restaurants and companies use Omnicart to streamline their operations and make their processes more efficient, transforming the way they manage daily tasks with cutting-edge technology.


A fully integrated suite of ordering and integration products

Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your business more efficiently on a fully integrated platform. Use Omnicart to handle all of your food-delivery-related needs, manage operations, and add new functionalities within weeks.

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Why should food tech companies repeatedly construct identical integrations? We’ve already developed these integrations, allowing you to allocate your resources towards profitable ventures and reduce development costs.

For Food Tech Companies

Ordering APIs

Streamline your operations and embrace innovation with Omnicart's advanced API solutions. Automate the crucial processes of menu reception and order transmission to restaurants, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your business dealings. Our sophisticated APIs provide instant access to menus from and allow for the rapid sending of orders to an extensive network of hundreds of thousands of merchants, all through their Point of Sale (POS) systems.

For Food Tech Companies

Order Aggregation APIs

Omnicart’s order aggregation service streamlines your restaurant’s operations by merging various ordering channels into a single platform, saving time and reducing costs. Integrate our APIs to access this efficient feature for your restaurants!

For Food Tech Companies

Fulfillment APIs

Is your restaurant missing out on offering delivery services to its customers? It’s time to change that! By integrating with us, you gain instant access to DoorDash Drive, Uber Direct, and Locally Delivered, along with numerous locally-owned delivery services across 40,000 zip codes in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

For Food Tech Companies

Google Food Ordering

We’ve crafted the integration with Google to save you the effort. Boost your sales by unlocking an additional ordering channel. Simply integrate with our APIs, provide us with your merchant details and their menus, and we’ll alert you about incoming Google orders, so you can inform your restaurants promptly.

For Delivery Companies


Restaurant Catering Suite

Omnicart's cutting-edge catering suite empowers your restaurants with a focused online ordering system tailored for catering services. With most restaurants currently paying hefty commissions ranging from 7%-20% to third-party delivery services, Omnicart enables local delivery companies to offer a much more affordable online ordering solution.

For Delivery Companies

All-in-One Delivery Platform

We’re dedicated to equipping local entrepreneurs with the technology and support that rival those of the industry giants, enabling them to run their delivery logistics companies. Whether you’re envisioning a niche B2B marketplace or aiming to create a vast network akin to DoorDash, our platform is designed to bring your multivendor ideas to life.

Google Ordering


Omni APIs

Order Aggregation

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What partners say about Omnicart


Kevin Polk

CEO of a JackRabbit Deliveries

JackRabbit Deliveries logo

Their team stands out in the industry for its innovation and efficiency. The introduction of the GFO feature a few months ago notably increased my order volumes, demonstrating their knack for impactful developments. The Omni merchant’s integration with major POS softwares is notably smooth, as is the integration with Carthweel, ensuring a reliable and seamless user experience. Overall, the platform excels in its field. Impressively, their customer service responds swiftly to any inquiries, usually within 5 minutes, emphasizing their commitment to user satisfaction.

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