Restaurant Catering Suite

Restaurants in your local market are losing money to high commission fees and struggling with unreliable delivery partners. Omnicart's catering suite offers the perfect solution to help you solve these problems for your partner restaurants. Transform your catering business with Omnicart today!

We built the ideal catering suite for your delivery company

Easily set up a catering-focused online ordering system for your restaurants. Seamlessly integrate delivery orders into your dispatch software and watch your restaurants' profits soar.

Catering ordering

Restaurants are paying a hefty commission on their catering orders and they don’t have a reliable delivery partner. You can solve both of these problems for them using our catering suite.

Restaurant Catering

15% increase in the number of orders



Revenue Boost

Increase sales by integrating your catering restaurants with the Order with Google (OwG) platform.

Omnicart's integration with Google provides an effortless additional ordering channel for you and your restaurants. Every restaurant onboarded with Omnicart can be seamlessly integrated with Google, allowing customers to find and order from them under the Cater Locally brand.

Easy to Onboard

How Your Restaurants Benefit from Omnicart


Easy to set up online ordering within 1-2 hours


Menu sync with other popular catering solutions for fast onboarding


Integration with Order with Google for additional order sources under the brand cater locally

Easy to Scale

How Your Company Benefits from Omnicart


Easily set up online ordering for as many restaurants as you want.


Combine this with our other products to become the in-house delivery partner for your restaurants.


Integrate seamlessly with various logistics software, including Cartwheel, First, and more.

What partners say about Omnicart


Kevin Polk

CEO of a JackRabbit Deliveries


Their team stands out in the industry for its innovation and efficiency. The introduction of the GFO feature a few months ago notably increased my order volumes, demonstrating their knack for impactful developments. The Omni merchant’s integration with major POS softwares is notably smooth, as is the integration with Carthweel, ensuring a reliable and seamless user experience. Overall, the platform excels in its field. Impressively, their customer service responds swiftly to any inquiries, usually within 5 minutes, emphasizing their commitment to user satisfaction.

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