Whistle! Eats Case Study

August 27, 2021
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As the first ride-share company to be licensed in British Columbia, ahead of both Uber and Lyft, Whistle! is truly a pioneer in locally owned-and- operated entrepreneurship. Whistle! is currently operating in Whistler and Tofino, BC, and has seen incredible growth since its inception.

Whistle! is lead by their president, Dylan Green, who has over 5 years’ experience working in BC- based intercity transportation, and has done a fantastic job of heralding the company through all of the twists and turns of local ride-hailing.


By partnering with Omnicart, Whistle! was able to expand their reach by offering a food delivery service in addition to ride-sharing. As our partner, Whistle! receives our white-label marketplace and all of the tools necessary to grow their business to accept food, liquor, and grocery deliveries.


"With ride-share everyone assumes that you're also offering delivery" - Dylan Green, President, Whistle!

Before partnering with Omnicart, Whistle! was gaining traction in the Whistler area but felt that there was untapped opportunity in the area to provide food delivery as well.

For Whistle!, food delivery was also another way to gain and retain loyal delivery drivers; a way to keep drivers busy and make use of the driving force available that only has a Class 5 license.


Throughout this process, Dylan says that he looked at several other local software solutions but was unable to find the right fit; one that was able to integrate with his ride-share platform, Spare.


The integration was seamless. It was the right company, at the right place, at the right time.

Ultimately, Dylan chose Omnicart because of their integration opportunity with Spare, saying, “The integration was seamless. It was the right company, at the right place, at the right time.”

In an interview, Dylan admits that he was hesitant to jump into the food industry due to its demanding reputation and concerns with the integration between restaurant ordering and driver delivery. But, on reflection, Dylan says that the biggest obstacle in adding delivery to his service pipeline was learning how to work with each restaurant’s differing operations. He says, “The integration between restaurant ordering and driver delivery is very stable, it’s learning how to work with each restaurant that is taking the most time”.

But the response from customers has been well worth the learning curve.


Dylan states that the addition of food delivery has been extremely well received; the demand seems endless. Their new challenge? Keeping up with the growth! Looking back on the investment made in Omnicart, Dylan shares his favourite part of working with Omnicart, and also some key advice for other entrepreneurs looking to branch into delivery:

“It’s great to use a local Vancouver company; to work with a team that places a focus on continuous improvement and truly listens to my needs.”

To other entrepreneurs, Dylan advises for them to focus on the driver delivery routing and time estimation, a key to delivering hot food. Just know, he states, that “partnering with Omnicart comes with one of the leading route optimization softwares on the market.”



Whistle!’s goal in the next few months is to keep adding more restaurants and diversify the merchants available to allow for grocery delivery, over-the-counter pharmacy goods, liquor, and eventually, cannabis.

Dylan states that he’s just excited to catch up with the growth and demand that is happening right now in Whistler and Tofino by adding more drivers, exploring order pooling, speeding delivery times, and increasing efficiency

In the long-term, he says, he looks forward to entering new communities and reaching new markets.

At Omnicart, we’re excited to accompany Dylan and the rest of the Whistle! team in this journey, every step of the way.